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Hello you bunch of "vandaliers" you! There are so many new members, so welcome everyone! I am very happy that little by little we are finding more Vandal Hearts fans!!! Can't wait for your drawings, fanfics, and anything else you wish to share with the group! Also, please take a look at the new front page of the group if you haven't yet! ;D

Please notice that we work hand in hand with these other VH sites and they could be of your interest!!!

- Vandal Hearts: Rise from Ashes [link]

- Vandal Hearts Tumblr [link]

- Vandal Hearts Wiki [link]

- Vandal Hearts on Twitter [link]

I don't have much more to say, since everyone is following the rules and there aren't any VH games news lately, so other than that, Eldak started a "Let's Play Vandal Hearts" on youtube…
Since you guys have been asking for it, now we have a VH Tumblr! --->

We created it recently and will make the layout and other visual aspects much prettier and proper when we have time. For now, we really need to contribute to the Vandal Hearts tags on Tumblr, NOT ENOUGH VANDAL HEARTS ON TUMBLR GUYS XD

Now you can chose if you want to follow your few Vandal Hearts news on:

- Twitter

- Blospot…

- Tumblr

And here on Deviantart. Of course, each site has limitations and different uses, but we'll try to bring you our news, arts and other things on all of them!

Thanks again for your support, you are the best of fans guys!
Hello everyone!

I am updating to let you know about our new article in the Vandal Hearts: Rise from Ashes blog! It's about the Biruni Empire: theories, screenshots, official art and more, all put together to try to understand that ancient Empire! Let's have a nice chat about it!

Please do take a look if you are interested! ----->…

And remember that you don't need to register on blogspot to leave a comment, so you are invited to let us know what you think about it, simply select "anonymous profile" to be able to leave the comment!

Soon, I'll post the lyrics of the opening and ending themes!

Until then: CIAO!!!
Hello everyone! The founder here!

Long time no see! As you all know, Konami never ever really release anything Vandal Hearts related so, obviously, the updates are few, but as we said some other times, that doesn't mean I am not working to keep this fandom alive! As well as other people!

So, some time ago we talked in this group about creating some websites to gather Vandal Hearts fans, info, art, to create discussion etc. In order to do that, and to make some noise to show this fandom is alive, we did some stuff:

- First, I created this Deviantart group for fanworks like fanart, fanfics, cosplay...

- Then I found someone started a Vandal Hearts Wikipedia… in which many of us are now colaborating.

- And also, there is this unofficial Vandal Hearts Twitter

-  And now, I've also created the "Vandal Hearts: Rise from Ashes" blog

Yes, I finally decided to do it. The blog is like a "personal project" to rise these games from their ashes, hence the name (and also because I wanted to make reference to Ash Lambert lol) and I am sharing there all of the official Vandal Hearts stuff I have, little by little. I am also going to use it to share reviews, my own fanworks (like fanart, cosplay photos, a comic project I have, etc.) and I'll link to VH fanarts and websites by other people as well, so that the little few Vandal Hearts stuff I find while surfing the net can be promoted and better known!

I think all of those websites we've linked are complementing each other very well! You can find them in the front page of the group at any time, ok? Please support by following the twitter and blog if you have an account, give a like on the Vandal Hearts Facebook, write on the wikipedia if you have the time and fell like it, share... whatever is good, just support! Let's show Konami, let's make noise! XD

So yeah, again, the blog is here and anyone can comment on there, no account needed!

See you!!!
Hello everyone (and sorry for fail English) Long time no see! As you can guess, we don't update very frequently because there aren't any news to post (no new games in the making, no new OST releashed etc.) However, that doesn't mean we are not taking care of the group! In fact, we admins are very very actively working for the fandom (especially working on a very big project that we can't show yet) Everytime we find some new interesting stuff like new fanartists we feel like we should share them with you, and that's why...

...we would like to announce that this VH group has now a "twin" Twitter Community! Because spamming you with a journal everytime we find a little new fanart or fanfiction, tune, etc. is no good, we will be "twitting" then instead and use the journal for "bigger shit". You can see the group's twitter on the front page, so you don't even need to have a twitter account to see our "twits" (however, if you have your own twitter account you will receive our little news even if you don't remember to check the group yourself)


Also, we would like to hear your opinion on this:

We know the VH fandom is quite inactive -for obvious reasons- however, we don't want to let the spark die! We want to find a good way to allow interaction between the VH fans, make friends and keep in touch with other people who like VH, and maybe work on colaborative projects like "writting fanfictions via RPGing", Art contests with decent prizes so we can have new pictures in the groups gallery, maybe even create some short doujinshi and publishing them, or work on a RPG Maker VH fangame... or just keep submitting new art or fics from time to time to inspire others! Every little contribution is good!

This is how a new/little fandom becomes bigger: when the fans do stuff, they inspire other fans that really want to share their love but are too shy to share their works! More people see those works, some get interested, and actually create more and more... So we were actually thinking of creating not only the twitter community we announced, but also a Vandal Hearts LJ Community, or maybe a Blog or the likes to meet more fans and spread our news and art  but since there are no "news" to post (like, new games in the making, new fanart, new OST to be releashed etc) it would be quite pointless... as for the Vandal Hearts Wiki some people have colaborated, but it's still not a good way to gather the fans and inspire them (the Wiki is only for official info, not for fanart or fanfiction and doesn't allow much interaction) So we need ideas...

Some people has been suggesting forever that we should create a Vandal Hearts website for the official art, ost, icons and sprites from the game and stuff like that as well as allowing to submit fancreations and adding a forum for interaction. Certainly, it would be a great way (probably the best way) to support the fandom... but we don't have much time to manage a whole Website - and, regarding the current admins of this group, our resources to create websites are very limited lol. We can really help gathering "goods" like official art, music, sprites etc, but not with the actual creation of the web- However, someone may find this an interesting project and would like to colaborate with his/her webcreation skills?

We also thought of spreading the word via Facebook and the likes. In Deviantart we can only see a few VH fans because most of the VH fans aren't "artists" but we are sure we can find more in facebook, twitter, LJ etc.? If you know more people who likes the game as much as some of us do, would you let them know about us via Twitter or Facebook (or Deviantart? XD), so we can actually manage to create a focus, and actual fan community in the end?

The sad thing is, we are not awared of any official websites for the Vandal Hearts series, so it's very difficult hearing of any VH news... but we try hard, really!  The problem we've ALWAYS seen in this fandom is that the lack of merchandising (artbooks, figurines, manga, etc) and the lack of an official website for the VH series or other specific sites makes difficult for the fans to meet each other or to keep enough interest in the series. That's why we are starting by creating some fan communities on popular social networks. Later, we want to be able to redirect the different fans from the different communities to a "main" community -like, maybe in the future, the website we were talking about-. To achieve this, we need the help of others fans to spread the word on Delicious, for example, or on other art/cosplay websites like Pixiv or Curecos, here in DA, etc etc... but we not only need to spread the word, we also need to have "something to offer" to the fans to make it worth the trouble and effort... and that "something to offer" is more fanart, fanficton, cosplay etc.

You already know what Koei said "it depends on the fandom if we keep releashing VH goods or not!"

After all this bla bla bla I am very sorry for the long post! I've wanted to say all of this forever but I never have much time and, as said, I am still thinking of a good way to manage and gather fans lol... so please let us know about what you think, if you have ideas or suggestions or if you think we are crazy (lol we are XD)

See you everyone, thanks a lot for reading!