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Hello everyone! As you can guess from the title of the blog entry, here we are going to talk about the ideas you would like to suggest to Konami for their next VH games.

In order to do that, it would be also appropriate to discuss the things that you like and dislike in each game: what do you think could be improved or revamped, what do you think is just "perfect" the way it is, what would you like to add...

Well, in case you don´t know where to start, here, some ideas we gathered from your comments: (but you can talk about anything else you want!)

-I think the number of characters in the party should be...
-I think the jobs/classes system...
-I would add these new classes and evolutions...
-I think the characters should have a Cartoon Style/Serious Anime Style/Very Realistic Style/Etc.
-I think there should be a characters editor to create our own heroes, even if they are only used as an "extra party member" without participation in the main storyline...

-I think new games should follow the story or be related to the first Vandal Hearts / I think each game should be in a totally different fictional world, like the Final Fantasy or Tales series / ETC.
-I want the first and second Vandal Hearts revamped! With more interaction between the characters! And new maps! And please explain all of that that was left appart!

-I think there should be a MAPS EDITOR and it should be able to...
-I think there should be more/less extra maps and quests...
-I think there should be more "terrains" with different defense bonuses...
-I think there should be more interaction with the map and the objects...

-In this era, a game should have online features, yes or yes XD
-I think there should be an "online battle mode" and it should be like this...
-In the case of the maps and character editor, we should be able to share online the maps and characters we create...

What more can you think of? Remember you don´t need to write a very long comment to say all of that you want to say: you can always come back and comment more stuff when you want!

That´s all for now, we are waiting for your ideas!
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Ronivan Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013
Go dreaming about a new Vandal Hearts. Ops there is one! and ridiculous game called Vandal Hearts Flames of Judgement, not worth to be called a Vandal Hearts, it was not even produced by konami. Even classical RPG games are very rare today, Tactical RPG like vandal is impossible. This generation gamer's are total brainless, morons without the capacity to think. Games like FPS call of duty are prefered, because they don't require a brain. This new generation of games are lost.
ZEROMaximusAurelius Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Afickinggreed! all you said I crave in a Vandal Hearts game
CarmenMCS Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
lol! XD I just got all of what people usually tell me they would add to the game and put it together XDDDDD

I would also like to "explore" on my own, at least in the cities, like... take Ash and make him walk around and talk to people, you know? And go find some shops in town and stuff XD it isnīt really necessary in this kind of game, but XD thatīs just a personal wish xD

And I thought of something more but I canīt just remember what it is X_D
ZEROMaximusAurelius Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, they couldn't do it because of the limitations, but now they shouldn't have problems, specially having ash going around finding items, I want it back. btw, where can I down ,load the original one?
Eldak Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2010
one more voice actors I think...I believe that would just ruin my taste for the game.
Eldak Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2010
I agree creating another game in this genre would be hard. They could move to a PC platform or the DS/psp to make it easier in my opinion. Maybe it doesn't have to be vandal hearts again. Heres what I liked and would like to see in a "chess" style game.
-Have party size depend on the size of the map. You could do skirmishes with 3-5 characters and then battles with up to 16 (thinking chess this maximum minimum isn't that important. As long as all characters can be used sometimes.

-Characters should be specialized like in VH1. That was my favorite part of the game I think.
I also enjoyed the realistic style from VH1 than the other games. VH2 I liked the terrain and how the technology was developing but I didn't like how the characters looked like my fisher price toys for some reason.
Custom characters would be cool. Maybe even have a storyline with say 3 premade heroes and an option to make a custom hero with a certain # of character points.

I like where the vh1 and 2 are.
If it was to follow any story have it follow like this; at the end of the second game Ash clearly visits the hero. And they both go off together. I always thought that meant there was going to be a third game where all these grand heroes of the worlds meet and fight another greater evil. So maybe we come to a land where Ash and "hero" are there but they aren't the leaders and they have to learn about the new world and eventually do become leaders fighting against hell itself. I enjoyed the complexity of the stories, religion, political tension, murder, love, all were good.

I do think a map editor in today's age with a game like this would be great. Be able to edit boundaries too, perhaps you can make a special map that allows up to 100 man teams for whatever reason lol. And add multiplayer in the sense of not only 2 people playing each other, but maybe 4-8 people in a game.

And there should definetly be an online mode. I would enjoy an online with the custom characters that can advance with the experience they gain to a max level from the storyline (say 30). And have the characters be trade able. Maybe I trade you my level 25 armor and my level 14 sorcerer for your level 28 Ninja? Also there should be awards from the online that you can use in the storyline/custome games for winning. You get say some money for the online version, and some awesome weapons and armor.
And do the same battle modes 1v1 dual characters 5v5 squads 10v10 16v16 25v25

And yes trading maps made. I already feel like though that konami made great maps, but for online play you would need balanced maps, I'd hate to start on the low ground against a team of archers
masamune19xx Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2010
I'll throw my two cents in - bearing in mind that I'm mostly thinking out loud here.

More of the same from the first game. I want a variety of likeable characters with their own quirks which complement one another. When I think about it, there's not one annoying party member in the original game. Even Darius doesn't bother me. He's just.... there! However, if there's one criticism of the first game's characterization it's a lack of depth. The main players naturally have a lot of plot focus, but because of the game's length, many characters (including the antagonists) have a lot of potential which fizzles away to nothing.

- Again, I don't have a great many stipulations when it comes to the plot. I will make an argument for no more quasi-religious storylines. It's been done so many times already, with our own Vandal Hearts 2 ripping off FF Tactics (poorly, it should be said) and I believe the third game also has religious undertones. Give me a dark medieval tale with nuanced themes of war, sacrifice, heroism, and never let it be afraid to poke at itself. Oh, and keep the cutscenes as concise as possible. I don't want ten minutes of courtroom drama, thanks!
- As much as I love the original Vandal Hearts, unless the developers were really switched on to the first game (which isn't likely), I'd prefer a new story set in another part of Sostegaria. As long as it captures the spirit of the original and throws in some Easter Eggs for us old-skool fans, I'll be happy. Heck, perhaps it could be set after the first game and an old character or two join your party as a guest during your adventures (Diego, anyone? :D).

- Job. Classes. Oh. Yes. I'll never forgive the second game for ditching this feature in favour of 'let's play dress-up'. It robs the characters of any individuality they might have by allowing them to become knights, archers or wizards at the drop of a hat. I much prefer a structured job system and wouldn't change much from the first game, except design some new job classes - not too many, however, otherwise it'll disrupt the balance of the game.
- Return to the turn-based system from the first & third game. We want an evolution of what made the first game great, not a revolution.
- More tactical missions, especially when it comes to the final batttles. The final boss should be a real challenge of your strategic wits instead of a head-on battle.

- This has to be a no-brainer. An online mode would give the game replay value and open Vandal Hearts to new fans. Custom maps might be asking for too much, but you should have access to every map from the main game, and bonus maps designed exclusively for online battles.
- Players have a set time limit to move their units. This will prevent the game lagging and slowing down play.
- In regular online mode, you can preselect how many you want of each job class and also your starting formation (archers at the back, guards at the front etc). One party will wear red armour, the other wears blue.
- Players who have completed the game can upload their party from the main-game instead of having to choose preset units. Again, one party will be shaded red and the other blue.
- Prizes for winning online include unlockable characters from the maingame (enemies, bosses, guest characters etc.), art galleries, and so on.

I'll probably post more later but this should be something to chew over.
pyrokingdragon Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2010
You know I love two but I gotta say for all AWESOME PLOT and GREAT WRITING...It depresses me DX Id like something of a silverlining to balance out the fatalism.

Anyway I agree with most of the above except for Online battle. I couldnt give too shits about that.

If your going to make characters though they shouldnt be part of the plot at all.

Basically? Smash up one and two. Fountains of blood is optional. I would still play it with out them but its always a bonus.

But Im going to voice an unpopular opinion here and say I loved the Classless system. Look at almost ALL the characters You get like 7 'sword class' no real mage two bowmen Hell I make most of my people with HEAVY ARMOR and various weapons but I love that if I NEED to I can make a PARTY FULL OF HAWKKNIGHTS!

Which brings me into another point MORE VARIETY DAMMIT AND MAKE THE ARMORS NOT SUCK. Seriously I love grogs Armor Knight animation but I hate it when plasma wave takes out a HUGE chunk of his HP.
CarmenMCS Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
(maybe this reply doesn't make much sense now but I just read this XD)

Lol I aggre, VARIETY OF CLASSES it doesn't matter if they are to make a fixed classes system like in the first game or not, variety is always fun and it makes the game "longer" (replay value etc) . To tell you the truth, the only reason why I would make the characters have "fixed classed" it's to support and remark their personalities... like, I don't know, for example, Amon wouldn't make much sense as a Mage (oh well, maybe someone thinks he would XD) but maybe instead of just being able to be archer or hawknight, you can make him a -normal- knight too or something... or Diego, who would probably look nice as some kind of "thief" class and other quick or long-range unit aside from being archer/hawknight, but hell, I don't think it would fit him being a heavy armor class, you know what I mean... I just can't seriously imagine Diego all like "YO IMA HEAVY WEAPONS GUY!" (yes, Team Fortress reference XD)

But hey, in the end, if the classes are not fixed and you can make each of them whatever you want, you can decide youself if this or that class fit them this or that character, so it's pretty much the same, only you have more freedom! BUT if that's the case, I want different clothes for the characters when you change classes (IMA CHARACTERS DESIGN WORE OKAY XD)

I also give a shit about online options, seriously every game nowadays have some kind of stupid online add just for the sake of having online options... but I don't really use them unless they game was thought to actually make use of online options. However, there are many other people who think a game in these days it's not worth it without this kind of stuff, so yeah, I guess you can make some kind of online battle system for those who like competition ^^
pyrokingdragon Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011
I think deigo would be the most stylish heavy weapons guy and amon could be a decent looking mage.

I agree I like that about VH2 the armors all look different.

I...dont give a shit about online at all.
CarmenMCS Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Well well XD In case they ever release a new one (as far as I know, Konami was planning on releasing a new one if they got enough attention with Vandal Hearts FoJ) I would certainly prefer it to be more like the first Vandal Hearts than like the other Vandal Hearts.

I donīt have time to write I would like to, not right now, so Iīll just make some points and then come back later and add more and more XD

I donīt remember who mentioned it in the first place, but I would like a maps editor too, even if a very basic one. The possibility of making the game longer with such feature is interesting... as commented in the post, you could put different "terrains" with their own defense bonuses (like water reduces damage by 15% etc) and such, put a whole bunch of enemies that youīve already battled in the game (your saved games determine the ones youīve already defeated and it lets you use them for the editor XD), set the levels for each character and enemy on the map etc. You could also put some houses and stuff, and in order to get new architecture and stuff for the editor you have to gather it in story mode, or buy it, or something like that. Of course, we are in the era of “share it online” so yeah, possibility of sharing your maps and downloading other peopleīs maps?

Also, maybe in story mode it would be difficult to have too many characters in the party at the same, at least for most battles, because forcing the storyline to allow a big number of characters is the perfect way to ruin it. However, if there was a "free battle mode" (and you could use your edited maps lol?) you could use like a whole bunch of characters youīve already meet in the game, or maybe even use some of the enemies if you want them for your party, and battle some of the heroes instead of useing them... yeah crazy stuff XD

Quoting :iconnastyj::iconsaysplz: And then you can connect multiplayer on the internet, and battle your specially set up team against others! that would make instant GOLD!"

SO. SECONDING. THIS. YAYZ :la: The idea of editing your own maps, adding free battles and such have its final complement in online features like battling other players. I am not really a fan of playing online but I understand the necessity of new games of achieving the standards of the new videogame era... it seems like everything need an "online-something" so if they are going to do it, the could add something half-interesting like that ^^

For online battles, they can change the colour of the charactersī clothes depending on which team you choose while battling online, so itīs easy to know who your party members are even if the other player is using the same heroes XD

Gotta add more about other features that I like and dislike etc ^^
CarmenMCS Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Depeld Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2010
In today's world, unfortunately, making another Vandal Hearts would cause the loss of its spirit. A Vandal Heart with good graphics and a poor story doesn't sound good, but it is expected - Look at the other games from different companies, but which started during the 90's.

And if they succeed in keeping the spirit and the style, people would just say that the series "repeats" itself. And of course there's an alternative problem, which is that it would be a whole new game with almost nothing similar to earlier versions except the greenish sword, Vandal Heart.

So, no matter how much I would like to see more Vandal Hearts-games and learn the stories in them, I do not really hope them making a new one.

Note that this is only my opinion.
CarmenMCS Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
You have lots of good points. People is never happy XDDD if a series changes, then it doesnīt follow the original bla bla bla. If it doesnīt change, then itīs repetitive and more of the same. And if everything changes, then people will miss the original characters and story (like me when VHII was released XD)

Of course, nowadays standards are so different... it seems like none of the "new generation players" can accept a game not to graphically be like a Final Fantasy, Halo or Metal Gear. It makes me sad. Seeying how people think of Disgaea and FFTactics as "childish graphics" because they are sprites is awful. Of course, VH graphics always were much more "adult-ish" than Disgaea or FFT even if they all use old classic sprites, but you know what I mean.

Also, the fact that nowadays you canīt really play classic RPGgames with calm battles, turns etc., it makes me really sad too. Final Fantasy XIII, Kingdom Hearts, Star Ocean and other ACTION rpgs are not what I want to play when I want to rest and take my time to play. Tactical rpgs werenīt never as popular as turn-based-battles rpgs like most of the Final Fantasy games or Wild Arms etc., and I know those games make Playstation 3 and Xbox360 feel like they arenīt used for the powerful purposes they were created, but... I miss playing classic rpgs. Like so much. Maybe thatīs the reason why I play more with old consoles emulators than with new generation consoles XP

But anyway. In the case they were, kinda, planning on releasing a new VH, are there any suggestions you would like to share?
Depeld Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2010
Suggestions? Well, I've only played Vandal Hearts 1 and 2, but it always left me wondering, what a heck happened to the world between those two games? Names changed, cities names changed, heroes changed... How? I've heard anyways that the world in VH2 is considered to be the same as in first version..

And also, in VH2, you could say that Ash appears, but with a different name. That's weird, and how did that even happen? I wouldn't want to give up my name whatever it may be.

So, maybe they could do something in the middle of those two times of that game-world.
Rasuna-Wade Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2010
iv only played VH1, but i hear the others are not as good as number 1. i really enjoyed how no.1 was played
CarmenMCS Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
The first Vandal Hearts is my most favourite one ^v^ the second one is really good, but... to say it somehow, it is "too good" for many players. The plot is so fucking deep and confusing that itīs REALLY difficult to follow, and since the game is far longer than the first one, you just forget about the plot and past events when you need to remember them to follow the new events etc.

The third game is a downloadable "experiment" so you can guess itīs really short compared to most rpgs. It wansīt even created by Konami (well, it was created by an american team working for Konami, but yeah) so the spirit of the saga and the way the story is told is pretty different from the other VH games. Even if itīs really entertaining (it was for me, couldnīt stop playing in a whole week until I finished it once, and I want to replay it to see the other ending) it lacks the classes system that was so much fun and so characteristic of the first game. Also, it is supposed to be a prequel to the first game (15 years in the past) but... it fails to be a prequel, because the storyline has nothing to do with the first Vandal Hearts. Well, it HAS to do with the first Vandal Hearts, but it doesnīt add anything to the first games storyline (doesnīt explain things that needed to be explained or ocmpleted, didnīt have anything to do with the past of ANY of the original characters, etc.) plus they just neglected LOTS of plot details and there are too many serious incongruences... incongruences like, in the first Vandal Hearts most powerful artifacts are created with the fusion of magic AND SCIENCE, like the sword VANDAL HEARTS, but in the third VH they are created BY THE POWER OF GOD AND LOVE. WHUT. I am obviously exaggerating there but itīs true: while the first game is about an old civilization with advanced technology and stuff like that, the third game is all about how true religions are. I have nothing against films or games about invented religions and the power of love and stuff (the second game IS about religion and itīs perfectly fine in itīs own context) but if you are creating A PREQUEL AND CHRONOLOGICALLY SO CLOSE to the first game, you canīt just change the facts and context and everything like that from the side of scientific magic and technology to the very opposite side of religion and superstition. It doesnīt make any sense. If you know what I mean.

Sorry, I really wrote a lot!
Rasuna-Wade Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2010

*processes*... are you saying the other 2 are not as good, or the same in there own way?

(i would like to see a remake of VD1, but with multiplayer battling :D )
CarmenMCS Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Ha ha ha I would kill the cutest of puppies to have a half-decent remake of the first game with a expanded story. or at least with the details narrated in the official guide -especially for the main characters and enemies that never had enough screentime in the game itself-!!!!

(no I wouldnīt kill the puppies but anyway XDDDD)

The second game was really good and long itself so the only revamp I could ever think for it is better graphics...


Yeah both the first and the second game are pretty good, but they are SO different that you canīt really compare them in fair terms... so, if you prefer one of them over the other, itīs just a matter of taste. You can compare the features of an orange with another orange, but not an orange and a lemon... yes, they are both citrics, they have stuff in common, and both VH one and two are tactical rpg, but, they donīt have much in common XD

The third game IS GOOD too, especially for a 15 euros downloadable game, but yet again, very different from the others... Konami America said they wanted to make a prequel to the first game to recover the spirit of the original VH and see if the fans still care about this series, but, knowing that, the general criticism from the fans is that it fails at being a prequel, for obvious reasons like there is no classes system, there are only 6 playable characters, the characters arenīt manga looking but cartoonish instead, the story is as I explained in the other comment... yeah X_D
Rasuna-Wade Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2010
ha ha once more, a long reply. but that is fine, i enjoy hearing from another fan of the game, and actually its kinda attractive (i just hope your a girl...)

i would like to play the other two, but not having any game systems.. its kinda hard. i also miss the VH 1 booklet art. we lost it, and i want it
CarmenMCS Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
(late reply is late XD oh well, please excuse me I have a whole bunch of messages ;A;)

Yes, I am girl lulz XD

Maybe you can try playing with an emulator... I do own a Playstation "one" and playstation 2 too, and I own the disk of the games too, and yet I don´t use the disk or the consoles themselves to play xD I prefer using a .iso of the game on the PSX emulator (and that way I can play playstation games on my PC when I want -or rather when I can XD- instead of fighting with my bratty siblings over who is going to use the console next XD)

Finding a ROM or a .iso of the game isn´t very difficult, it´s a wuite popular game (and in the case of VH1, it´s also fast to download, VH2 would take quite a bit more time)

About the booklet art, there are full color scans of the characters art in the group´s blog, here [link] since it´s so difficult finding official art of the game, they are making a recopilation of pics for reference, for those who want to draw the characters and stuff ^^ You can also find the characters color art in the Vandal Hearts Wikia [link]

I hope that helps >w<
Rasuna-Wade Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2010
actually yeah, it did help. i may not be trying for the game, but knowing how to get it is nice. i mainly dont have time to mess with video games (0 game systems) i live off of art and movies haha
CarmenMCS Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
ha ha I see, well you can always use your computer and the playstation or SNes emulator then ^v^
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